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Pastel Paper

    Quality pastel papers and card available in assorted colours.

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    Daler Rowney Ingres Pastel Paper Pad

    1 review

    Named after the Neoclassical French painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Ingres paper is a uniquely textured paper ideal for pastel drawing.

    from £12.88

    Frisk Black 135gsm Paper Pads

    2 reviews

    Frisk Black Pad contains 50 sheets of smooth, crisp, black sheets which are perfect for Pastels, Pastel Pencils,Calligraphy  & Markers.  

    from £3.95

    Daler Rowney Murano Pastel Paper Pad

    17 reviews

    New Murano fine art pastel pads in 3 ranges of shades.

    from £9.65

    Winsor & Newton Tints Pastel Paper Pads

    5 reviews

    Gummed pad containing 24 sheets with 6 most popular assorted shades.

    from £8.79

    Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper Pad

    13 reviews

    Mi-Teintes160gsm Vellum paper with 60% rag content suitable for soft or hard pastels, pencil, water colour, gouache and acrylic.

    from £8.37

    Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Paper Pad

    5 reviews

    40% Cotton, Acid free, 160gsm, glued on one side. 30 sheets, 6 different shades in each pad.

    from £11.08

    Sennelier La Carte Pastel Card

    17 reviews

    This card is developed for use with soft pastels, soft lead pencils and charcoal.

    from £6.75