Palettes and Accessories for Outdoor Painting

Make sure you choose a palette which is small and portable. Many compact watercolour sets come in a box with several areas for mixing. Of oil and acrylic painting, tear off palettes are space saving and can be discarded after use.

Somewhere to store and transport your brushes is also important, a brush roll or brush case will protect your brushes in transit.

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Sta-Wet Palette Handy Palette

31 reviews

This handy palette is ideal for the hobbyist who doesn't need a large mixing area.

from £5.16

Cloverleaf Paint Box - Watercolour Palette

109 reviews

A sturdy, lightweight compact watercolour palette/paintbox that has ample deep wells for mixing washes.

from £10.00

Camera Tripod Mounting Bracket

124 reviews

Convert your Camera Tripod into an easel with this simple yet effective device.


The Viewfinder

18 reviews

The Viewfinder is a rectangular grid through which you may judge the positions of objects in the scene to be painted.


Portable Painter Palette

5 reviews

The Portable Painter Palette is the ideal gift for those who want to paint on the go; portable and hands-free it can be folded and taken out and about on your painting trips.


Brush Roll

63 reviews

Made from hard wearing canvas.

from £7.20

The Perspective Viewer

34 reviews

The Perspective Viewer is a template with perspective tiles' which diminish in size as they converge at the vanishing point in the infinite distance.


Faber Castel Clic & Go Water Cup

48 reviews

Perfect for adventurous artists, this water pot expands on site then collapses for transport.


Lightweight Metal Tin Watercolour Boxes

119 reviews

The metal boxes are designed to hold most makes of half pans or whole pans or a combination of the two.

from £19.18

Brush Easel Case

28 reviews

Black nylon reinforced outer casing, 21 brush pockets. Secure velcro closure, Security flap. Size 7" x 15.5"


Derwent Carry-all

17 reviews

The ultimate storage solution! 


View Catcher

4 reviews

The Viewcatcher is an indispensible artists tool - use it to find the best placement for still life objects or to discover good focal points for your painting or drawing composition.


Lantern Water Pot

70 reviews

Collapsible plastic lantern-style brush washer Available in 2 sizes.

from £2.25

Winsor & Newton Tear - Off Palette Pads

48 reviews

Tear-off pad of 50 disposable vegetable parchment palettes, impervious to oil, acrylic or alkyd colour.

from £7.22

Daniel Smith Watercolour Stick Box

1 review

Made from transparent plastic, this handy little box is ideal for storing your Daniel Smith Watercolour Sticks. Each box will hold up to 5 whole watercolour sticks.


Metal Dippers With Lid

23 reviews

They are designed to clip onto the edge of a palette to hold solvents and oils during painting.

from £3.71

New Compact Watercolour Palette

74 reviews

Dished mixing wells, twin lids opening to provide 4 large mixing wells, thumb hole, 12 whole pans/16 half pans or tube colour.

from £15.85

Loxley Expendable Tear-Off Palettes

20 reviews

Tear Off Palette for Oils/Acrylcs

from £2.94

Trio Water Pot

58 reviews

A compact waterpot which has 3 washing pots in one.

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