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Other Pastel and Crayon Sets

    A selection of pastel sets from Reeves and Inscribe.

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    Reeves Water Soluble Pastel Sets

    3 reviews

    The crayon has grown up. But don't worry, the fun has too. Large pastels allow curious creatives to push the boundaries of colour. Available in sets of 12 or 24

    from £5.95

    Reeves Soft Pastels Half Size Set of 32

    Sharpen your creative edge with square pastels that are fabulous whichever way you look at them. This set contains 32 Half Size Soft Pastels


    Inscribe Soft Pastels

    17 reviews

    These excellent value soft pastels are made from finest and softest materials available. Highest degree of lightfastness.

    from £6.50

    Inscribe Gallery Oil Pastels

    5 reviews

    These excellent value oil pastels are made from finest materials available and provide a wide range of colours.

    from £7.45

    Pastel Boxes

    10 reviews

    Quality wooden boxes which can be used to store pastels.

    from £41.43