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On the opposite side of the spectrum from Fluid Mediums, Gel Mediums add body to thinner paint for impasto techniques as well as extending colour volume and adding transparency. Gels also add “open time” as they tend to dry slower than thinner paint films. These mediums also modify acrylic paints in a variety of ways and, since they contain acrylic resins, tend to improve adhesion and durability.

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All gel mediums:

• Add Body
• Increase “open” time
• Dry transparent or translucent
• Extend the volume of paint
• Hold brush or knife marks
• Make an excellent archival adhesive for collage

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Liquitex Gloss Gel Medium

4 reviews

A high viscosity medium that slows drying, maintains heavy body for impasto. 

from £12.92

Liquitex Matte Gel Medium

1 review

A thick gel that imparts a translucent matte sheen when dry. Ideal for creating collages with heavier objects. Combine with Gloss Gel


Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel Medium

6 reviews

A extra high viscosity medium for impasto techniques. Slows drying & imparts an oil-paint like feel to acrylics.

from £12.92

Liquitex Ultra Matt Gel Medium

This matt opaque extender doubles the volume of acrylic paint while maintaining intensity & opacity.


Liquitex Flexible Modelling Paste

5 reviews

A matte, opaque preparation of marble dust and polymer emulsion. Dries to a hard yet flexible surface.

from £12.92

Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel

Extremely thick, extra Heavy Body. The thickest "clear" gel.


Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel

1 review

Extremely thick, extra Heavy Body.


Liquitex Satin Gel Medium

Liquitex Satin Gel Medium can be mixed with acrylic colours to increase their texture and extend their volume. Paints mixed with this medium will dry to a satin finish.

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