Liquitex Fluid Mediums

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Fluid Mediums perform much in the way that their name implies, they are fluid in nature and reduce viscosity of heavier paints and gels, tend to self-level and do not retain brushstrokes. Fluid Mediums modify acrylic paints in a variety of ways and contain acrylic resins to maintain or enhance adhesion and durability.

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All fluid mediums:

• Increase flow
• Dry transparent or translucent
• Extend the volume of thin paint
• Make an excellent archival adhesive for collage

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Liquitex Palette Wetting Spray

3 reviews

An innovative, fluid acrylic resin designed to slow the drying of acrylic colours.


Liquitex Pouring Medium

20 reviews

Designed to not craze in poured applications, which creates even poured puddles and acrylic sheets. Mix with Soft Body Colour to promote drying with a smooth even coloured film.

from £12.92

Liquitex Gloss Pouring Medium

Liquitex Gloss Acrylic Pouring Medium can be used to prepare both acrylic ink and acrylic paint for acrylic pour painting or to create acrylic paint skins.


Liquitex Iridescent Pouring Medium

1 review

Liquitex Iridescent Acrylic Pouring Medium can be used to prepare both ink and soft body acrylics for acrylic pour painting.


Liquitex Matte Pouring Medium

Liquitex Matte Acrylic Pouring Medium can be used to prepare both ink and soft body acrylics for acrylic pour painting.


Liquitex Pouring Medium Trial Set

The Liquitex Pouring Medium Trial Set contains three 118ml bottles of Gloss, Matte and Iridescent Liquitex Pouring Mediums. These small bottles are ideal for testing.


Liquitex Airbrush Medium

9 reviews

Maintains integrity of acrylics even at high dilutions and decreases airbrush clogging and paint build up.


Liquitex Gloss Medium

10 reviews

Give your paint a gloss finish, while thinning and extending its volume. Or use as a collaging adhesive and fixative.

What it does

  • Increases s
from £7.82

Liquitex Matte Medium

7 reviews

This all purpose medium for acrylics increases flow and transparency while imparting a matt sheen.

from £7.82

Liquitex Ultra Matt Medium

1 review

Extending the volume of acrylic to make colour go further.


Liquitex Iridescent Tinting Medium

5 reviews

This medium produces a range of iridescent or metallic colours when mixed with acrylic colours.


Liquitex Glazing Medium

11 reviews

Creates brilliant glazes when mixed with transparent colour.

from £7.82

Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Fluid Medium

10 reviews

Contains a retarder for extending drying time and easier blending. Enhances flow and decreases drag.

from £7.82

Liquitex Satin Medium

Liquitex Satin Medium can be mixed with acrylic paints to thin and extend colour that will then dry to a satin finish.

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