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Liquitex Acrylic Paint

    Liquitex colours and mediums have been developed as a complete system for work on virtually all porous surfaces and with an unlimited range of speciality effects, from thick sculptural applications to thin permanent watercolours and everything in between. Our products are known for their versatility and are well-suited for all applications and techniques, from traditional to experimental to cutting-edge contemporary. Liquitex Professional Products include artist colours in Soft Body and Heavy Body, Surface Preparations, Additives, Mediums and Varnishes.

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    Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic 59ml Tubes

    38 reviews

    Soft Body Artist Colour, previously referred to as Medium Viscosity.
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    from £5.08

    Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic 59ml Tubes

    59 reviews

    A rich, thick and buttery consistency.
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    from £5.08

    Liquitex Heavy Body Large Whites & Blacks

    8 reviews

    Titanium White and Ivory Black are available in larger sizes.

    from £9.10

    Liquitex Soft Body 237ml Black and White

    4 reviews

    Liquitex soft body large black and white
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    from £11.03

    Liquitex Classic 12 Set

    5 reviews

    A set of 12 x 59ml tubes of Liquitex classic colours.


    Liquitex Classic 6 Set

    1 review

    A set of 6 Liquitex paints.
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    FREE Liquitex Paint & Marker Sample

    23 reviews

    FREE Liquitex Paint & Marker Sample