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Ken Bromley Artists Watercolours 14ml Tubes

148 reviews

Best value!

from £4.32

Perfect Paper Stretcher

267 reviews

Stretch your cartridge, pastel or water colour paper (up to 140lb) and dry it 'tight-as-a-drum' in minutes and it will not cockle or pull away

from £35.95

Camera Tripod Mounting Bracket

125 reviews

Convert your Camera Tripod into an easel with this simple yet effective device.


Mini Watercolour Paper Starter Pack

110 reviews

14 90The mini starter pack comes with a information sheet on watercolour paper terms and usage plus contains the superb selection of 20 top quality watecolour paper.


The Viewfinder

18 reviews

The Viewfinder is a rectangular grid through which you may judge the positions of objects in the scene to be painted.


Artists Apron

24 reviews

This apron is made from heavyweight cotton/sythetic material.

from £12.65

Spare Rods

14 reviews

Spare rods for the Perfect Paper Stretcher.

from £3.75

Ken Bromley Bockingford Watercolour Paper Block

26 reviews

Bockingford water colour paper in blocks, glued on four sides.

from £24.50

Brush Roll

64 reviews

Made from hard wearing canvas.

from £7.20

The Perspective Viewer

34 reviews

The Perspective Viewer is a template with perspective tiles' which diminish in size as they converge at the vanishing point in the infinite distance.


Ken Bromley Practice Paper Pack

194 reviews

Pack of Fabriano 280gsm watercolour paper available in a variety of pack sizes.

from £10.30

Ken Bromley Artists Oils 60ml Tubes

63 reviews

This range of Oils from Ken Bromley's are made in the UK from the finest pigments for durability and performance.

from £4.80

Ken Bromley Artists Oils 225ml Tubes

26 reviews

Ken Bromley's Artists' Oils are made in the UK and are are made from the finest pigments for durability and performance.

from £13.84

Ken Bromley Artists' Value Flat Panache Brush

14 reviews

Distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. Suitable primarily for watercolour painting it is also fit for purpose with thinned down acrylic.

from £2.36

Artist Trading Cards

16 reviews

Paint a miniature art work on one of these cards.


Ken Bromley Art Supplies Blue Masking Fluid

73 reviews

For watercolours and inks.


Transfer Paper (Tracedown)

67 reviews

Specially designed to transfer designs without leaving a wax residue.

from £7.65
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