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Isabey Watercolour Brushes

    Isabey have been making artist’s brushes in France since1895. Although the invention of the metal ferrule in the mid 18th century revolutionized the manufacturing process of brushes, the essential techniques have changed little since the 1400’s. Isabey have helped to keep this traditional and know-how alive. The process of manufacturing Isabey brushes is still entirely manual and the skills required to manipulate fine hairs by hand has been passed down from one generation to the next. The fibres are selected based on their intrinsic qualities. The Squirrel is the finest of all natural hairs, while Kolinsky Sable which is almost as valuable as gold is well-known for its finesse and softness, its resilience and its expressiveness. Isabey work with only the most impeccable quality materials. Each type of fibre and each brush shape is used to create a different feel and a different movement.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due restrictions by the US Fisheries & Wildlife Department regarding sable hair, we are not able to send any sable brushes to the US by FEDEX.

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    Isabey 6201 Pure Sable Travel Brush

    8 reviews

    A convenient reversible travel brush made from pure sable

    from £8.65

    Isabey 6222 Pure Sable Liner Brush

    8 reviews

    Extra long pure sable provides a continuous supply of colour for long fine strokes.

    from £5.53

    Isabey 6227z Pure Kolinsky Sable Brush

    8 reviews

    The Isabey Series 6227z watercolor paint brush is an exquisite, top of the line, Kolinsky Sable brush!

    from £5.78

    Isabey 6228 Pure Kolinsky Sable Brush

    13 reviews

    Combines precision with the ability to hold a large quantity of paint, for long or full brush strokes.

    from £6.47

    Isabey 6229 Miniature Kolinsky Sable Brush

    6 reviews

    Excellent for work that requires extreme detail,

    from £4.97

    Isabey Wash Brush

    39 reviews

    Superb wash brush made from pure Russian squirrel. Points beautifully and ideal for 'wet-in-wet' techniques. Clear varnished wood handle.

    from £14.09