Golden Fluid Mediums

GOLDEN Mediums & Additives provide infinite control with acrylic colours. Mediums control transparency, viscosity and surface sheen, while additives control paint’s working properties.

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Golden Gloss Medium

1 review

A general purpose liquid medium useful for creating glazes

from £13.38

Golden Fluid Matte Medium

Fluid Matte Medium is useful for extending colours, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity.

from £13.38

Golden Matte Medium

1 review

Matte Medium is a pourable medium useful for extending colour, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity.

from £13.38

Golden Airbrush Medium

1 review

Airbrush Medium modifies GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics for spray application by reducing clog­ging and tip buildup during spraying.

from £8.38

Golden Silkscreen Medium

Silkscreen Medium is a waterborne system de­signed for use with GOLDEN Acrylic Colours.


Golden GAC 100 Acrylic Primer and Extender

GAC 100  Multi-Purpose Acrylic Polymer is a sealer that helps prevent Support Induced Discoloration (SID).

from £13.38

Golden GAC 900 Heat Set Fabric Painting Medium

GAC 900  Fabric Painting Medium, when heat-set properly, offers a very soft hand and laundering stability.

from £13.38
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