Frank Walters Introduction to Watercolours

Introduction to Watercolour course materials

Item Size Code
daVinci Casaneo Wash Brush  No.4  4984
daVinci Spin Synthetic Brush No.1 48801
Ken Bromley Artists’ Value flat Panache Brush brush  1/4" AV00814
Ken Bromley Artists’ Value flat Panache Brush brush 1" AV0081
Prolene Riggers Brush Series 103 No. 3 1034
Saunders Waterford 140lb NOT  1/4 Imperial SN140
Masking Tape 1” wide MT1
Lantern water pot Large 6616
Plastic folding watercolour palette  Large ART311
Rembrandt Watercolour paints in the following 12 colours:
Alizarine Crimson, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Orang, Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow, Cerulean Blue, Chinese White, French Ultramarine, indigo, Olive Green, Raw Sienna, Sepia.
20ml tubes   
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Saunders Waterford Watercolour paper

194 reviews

100% rag, Acid free, watermarked, gelatine tub-sized.

from £12.99

Prolene Riggers Brush Series 103

37 reviews

Much longer in length than the Series 101. This is a very good brush possessing length, strength and spring.

from £2.51

Da Vinci Casaneo Series 498 Wash Brush

6 reviews

The Da Vinci Casaneo Series 498 Wash Brush is made from synthetic Kazan Squirrel hair and designed for use with watercolour paint or fluid acrylic colour.

from £11.82

Rembrandt Watercolour Paint 20ml Tubes

7 reviews

This range of Rembrandt Watercolour Paint 10ml tubes from Royal Talens covers a spectrum of 80 colours made from the best raw materials.

from £8.28

Lantern Water Pot

70 reviews

Collapsible plastic lantern-style brush washer Available in 2 sizes.

from £2.25

Da Vinci Series 488 Spin Synthetics French Quill Mop Brush

3 reviews

Da vinci Series 488 Spin Synthetic French Quill Mop brushes are made from light brown synthetic fibres and are finished in a ‘French’ wire mop style.

from £8.79

Plastic Folding Watercolour Palette

47 reviews

Available in two sizes.

from £3.02

Ken Bromley Artists' Value Flat Panache Brush

13 reviews

Distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. Suitable primarily for watercolour painting it is also fit for purpose with thinned down acrylic.

from £2.36

Masking Tape

168 reviews

Low tack 50 metre rolls, available in 3 widths.

from £1.19
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