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Felt Tip Pens

    We stock a great selection of felt tip and fibre tip pens from Giotto and Bruynzeel. The Giotto Be-be are suitable for even the youngest artist!

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    Caran d'Ache Fibralo Brush Pen Set

    4 reviews

    FIBRALO BRUSH: a new fibre-tipped pen for a range of artistic effects.


    from £15.29

    Bruynzeel Big Point Felt Tips Set of 10

    This pack contains 10 thick Bruynzeel felt tips with an extra thick tip. Easy to wash out from most types of fabric and specially designed for small children's hands.


    Bruynzeel Super Point Felt Tips Set of 20

    This set contains 20 Bruynzeel Super Point Felt Tip pens with an extra thick, non-compressible point, including an eraser pen which can be used to create fun effects.


    Giotto Turbo Glitter Pens Set of 8

    Let your creativity sparkle! This pack contains a set of 8 Giotto Turbo Glitter Fibre Pens that are the ideal choice if you want to create sparkling artwork.


    Giotto Turbo Advanced Fibre Pen Sets

    Giotto Turbo Advanced Fibre pens are made with safe, super-washable ink and are fitted with a ventilated, choke-proof safety cap. Available in a pack of 12 or 18.

    from £3.16

    Giotto Turbo Giant Fibre Pens Box of 12

    Giotto Turbo Giant fibre pens have a chunky, conical nib that tapers to a point. This pack contains 12 pens; 10 classic colours with 2 additional fluorescent colours.


    Giotto Turbo Giant Fluorescent Fibre Pens Set of 6

    Giotto Turbo Giant fibre pens have a chunky, conical nib that tapers to a point. This pack contains a total of 6 fluorescent pens.


    Giotto Be-be Super Fibre Pen Sets

    Giotto Be-be Super fibre pens are ideal for very young children who are making their first foray into art. 

    from £3.16

    Bruynzeel Felt Tip Wallet Sets

    These Bruynzeel Felt Tip Wallet sets contain a fantastic selection of colours all in a handy wallet. Available in a set of 12 or 30 colours.

    from £3.71

    Bruynzeel Glitter Felt Tip Pens Set of 6

    This set contains 6 Buynzeel Glitter Felt Tiip pens that sparkle with a lovely glitter effect.


    Bruynzeel Magic Felt Tips Set of 8

    This set contains 8 Bruynzeel Magic Felt Tips which create a magical effect The colours in the set can be transformed using the magic felt tip.