Snazaroo offer children a world of colour, inspiration and above all, fun. Everything you need to 'paint a smile' is at your fingertips, and all the products are made to the highest quality and safety standards. Snazaroo celebrate childhood and strive to provide consumers with the essentials to tap into the joys of transformation and play. It's no wonder that they are considered the 'World's Favourite Face Paint'. Start exploring the world of Snazaroo today!

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    Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack

    This is the ultimate kit for any occasion, the easy step by step guide to help you transform children into wherever their imagination takes them. A 21 piece set.


    Snazaroo Rainbow Palette Kit

    Let children be whatever they want to be! Snazaroo helps you turn everyday play into a magical world of imagination. This fiesta and carnival kit contains a selection of colours.


    Snazaroo Adventure Palette Kit

    This face painting kit is great for any occasion, making up to 50 full faces. A guide is included to help you create pirate, superhero and animal designs!


    Snazaroo Fantasy Palette Kit

    This face painting kit is great for any occasion, making up to 50 full faces, to help you create fairy, princess and butterfly designs!


    Snazaroo Green Starter Brush Set

    This pack of three brushes is great for achieving the creative detail in your designs that can't be done with just one brush. With one fine, one round and one flat.


    Snazaroo High Density Sponges

    Quality, long lasting sponges for smooth paint application. For best results, use the sponge slightly damp. If the sponge is too wet it will result in a streaky effect