Fabriano is a little town of the Marche in Italy, which has a long history of manufacturing paper. In fact, it was in the second half of the 13th century that the paper making process was perfected after the rudiments of its manufacture spread to the west from the Arab countries. Fabriano was the most important centre of paper production due to it being close to a port allowing it to trade with the Arab world. 

There were three innovations which allowed Fabriano to become the leader in paper making. Paper watermarking allowed distincitve marks to be inserted into the paper by the manufacturer.  The invention of the hammer mill allowed them to produce paper with more homogenous fibers. And the use of gelatin surface sizing which eliminated the problem of the rapid deteration of the paper. 


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Fabriano Pittura Paper

Fabriano Pittura Acrylic Painting Paper is a fourdrinier made paper with high quality cellulose pulp. It has an acid free surface to guarantee stability over time.


Fabriano Tela Oil & Acrylic Paper

1 review

Fabriano Tela Oil & Acrylic Paper is an acid free, archival paper with a canvas-like texture that is suitable for both oil and acrylic painting.


Fabriano 5 Watercolour Paper

31 reviews

Mould-made 50% rag, acid free, surface sized, watermarked with 2 deckle edges.


Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Paper

111 reviews

100% Rag, acid free, watermarked.

from £14.10

Fabriano Venezia Art Book

27 reviews

The best combination of Italian fine arts style: Venezia and Fabriano.

from £8.33

Fabriano Watercolour Hardback Sketchbook

2 reviews

Our Fabriano Watercolour Hardback Sketchbook contains 30 sheets of 200gsm watercolour paper with a NOT (cold pressed) surface.

from £11.23

Fabriano Black Black Drawing and Sketching Pads

2 reviews

Fabriano Black Black Pads contain 20 sheets of ultrablack paper with a smooth surface. This paper is suitable for drawing, pastel, coloured pencil, acrylic and markers.

from £5.50

Fabriano Sand Toned Paper Pads

2 reviews

Fabriano Toned Paper in Sand offers a mid-toned brown surface suitable for sketching and drawing. 

from £9.19

Fabriano Clay Toned Paper Pads

2 reviews

Fabriano Toned Paper in Clay offers a subtly cloured surface ideal for sketching and drawing.

from £9.19

Fabriano Leporello Journal Sketchbook

The Fabriano Leporello Journal is a hardback sketchbook filled with Fabriano Medioevalis paper. This paper is mould made and folds in the book in one long concertina.


Fabriano Tela Blocks

14 reviews

A ready-made primed paper for oils and acrylics with a linen/canvas texture.

from £6.99

Fabriano Accademia Roll

4 reviews

Roll Size: 1.5m x 10m

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