Based in a small town just outside Barcelona, Escoda was founded in 1933 by Josep Escoda Roig. Now, after 86 years and 75 million brushes later, Escoda has established a reputation for producing the best brushes in the world. The company is still family run, now on the 3rd generation of brush makers. 

Escoda use only the finest natural hairs as well as eight different kinds of artificial fibres to create their superior brushes. Each brush is hand crafted in the Spanish factory by skilled artisans. A triple crimp is used to make sure the ferrule will remain in place and offer the artist a life time of use.

Escoda have also teamed up with a number of well known artists such as Alvaro Castagnet, Charles Reid, Nicholas Simmons, Joseph Zbukvic and John Yardley to produce signature collections allowing people to use these artists' favourite brushes.

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Escoda Optimo Travel Brush

31 reviews

Beautiful Sable travel brushes ideal for taking in the field.

from £14.19

Versatil Round Pointed Brush

36 reviews

Kolinsky synthetic | Round | Pointed | brown short handle

from £4.57

Versatil Filbert Brush

1 review

Kolinsky synthetic | Bright | Filbert short handle


Versatil Bright Brush

3 reviews

Kolinsky synthetic | Bright | brown short handle

from £18.50

Versatil Flat Wash Brush

3 reviews

Kolinsky synthetic  |  Bright | brown short handle

from £14.71

Versatil Travel Brush

18 reviews

Kolinsky synthetic  |  Round  |  Travel brush  |  Pointed | black

from £8.78

Escoda Versatil Travel Brush Set

2 reviews

This brush was designed with versatility as its main feature and VERSÀTIL really lives up to its name with exceptional snap, superior absorption and fluid reten


Versatil Rigger Brush

15 reviews

Kolinsky synthetic | Round | Long lenght | brown short handle

from £6.85

Perla White Toray Synthetic Round Brush

22 reviews

White Toray fiber is one of the softest and typically used in watercolor. 

from £4.01

Escoda Brush and Hand Soap

3 reviews

A gentle soap for cleaning and preserving the performance of fine artists brushes. Hand-crafted in Spain according to centuries old techniques.


Joseph Zbukvic Escoda Perla Signature Collection

45 reviews

A set of 3 Escoda Perla brushes chosen by Joseph Zbukvic.


Escoda Ultimo Synthetic Squirrel Mop Brush

The Escoda Último Synthetic Mop Brush has a round profile and is made with Tendo synthetic fibres that mimic the properties of squirrel hair.

from £13.25

Escoda Ultimo Mottler Brushes

1 review

An almost perfect imitation of squirrel has been achieved with this artificial hair.

from £11.81

Escoda Optimo Travel Brush Set

15 reviews

The travel brush set for all seasons.


Alvaro Castagnet Escoda Prado Signature Collection

10 reviews

A set of specially selected Escoda Prado brushes.


Alvaro Castagnet Ultimo Collection

12 reviews

This set contains the Escoda Ultimo brush sizes 14 and 18 and the Prado brush size 8.



Charles Reid Escoda Reserva Signature Collection

6 reviews

A set of 3 specially selected Escoda Reserva travel brushes.


Nicholas Simmons Brush Set No 1

1 review

An award-winning artist and teacher, Nicholas Simmons is internationally known and recognized for his paintings in watercolor.


Nicholas Simmons Brush Set No 2

1 review

An award-winning artist and teacher, Nicholas Simmons is internationally known and recognized for his paintings in watercolor.


Joseph Zbukvic Escoda Aquario Signature Collection

20 reviews

A set of two specially selected Escoda Squirrel Hair brushes, chosen by Joseph Zbukvic.


John Yardley Escoda Signature Collection

1 review

‘The Reserva Series embody the ultimate in quality sables.

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