Escoda Travel Brushes

    These beautiful Escoda travel brushes are perfect for taking on painting trips. They are in two parts enabling you to put the brush end inside the handle for easy transportation. Availabe in the Optimo and Versatil ranges.

    Handles: Available with short, retractable handles
    Head shapes: Round. Available in singles and in sets

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    Escoda Optimo Travel Brush

    30 reviews

    Beautiful Sable travel brushes ideal for taking in the field.

    from £13.38

    Escoda Optimo Travel Brush Set In A Leather Case

    15 reviews

    The travel brush set for all seasons.


    Versatil Travel Brush

    13 reviews

    Kolinsky synthetic  |  Round  |  Travel brush  |  Pointed | black

    from £8.45

    Escoda Versatil Travel Brush Set

    2 reviews

    This brush was designed with versatility as its main feature and VERSÀTIL really lives up to its name with exceptional snap, superior absorption and fluid reten