Drying Oils

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Drying oils are used to control the colour, prevent overthinning with solvent and maintain the flexibility of the paint film (fat over lean).

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Drying Linseed Oil

4 reviews

An oil which increases the drying rate of oil colours.


Drying Poppy Oil

3 reviews

A fast-drying, pale oil made from poppy seeds which is well suited for whites and pale colours. 


Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil

1 review

A slightly yellow oil, which is extracted without the use of heat & dries slightly quicker than refined linseed oil. 


Refined Linseed Oil

6 reviews

Reduces the oil colour consistency, increases gloss & transparency whilst slowing down drying rate.

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Linseed Stand Oil

1 review

Use with white spirit to improve flow. Retards drying.


Thickened Linseed Oil

A pale refined oil of syrupy consistency which behaves like Linseed Stand Oil but dries quicker and darker. 


Safflower Oil

A slow-drying oil which improves the flow and is well suited for pale colours.