Drawing and Sketching Art Books

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A selection of books covering the basics of drawing and sketching, to more advance and specialised techniques. The books cover drawing, sketching and pastel techniques.

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The Sketching & Drawing Bible

An essential reference for the practising artist by Marylin Scott

  • A complete guide to drawing media, from pencils and charcoal to pastels and coloured i

The Pastel Artist's Bible

Discover the unique joys of pastel painting with this easy-to-use guide to one of the most versatile and forgiving mediums.


The Coloured Pencil Artist's Drawing Bible

A new edition of a comprehensive guide to colouring pencil techniques, with step-by-step illustrated instructions and a useful extensive list of tools and materials.


Drawing A Complete Guide

1 review

by Giovanni Civardi


Drawing Masterclass - Flowers

by Margaret Eggleton


Compendium of Drawing Techniques

1 review

An indispensable compendium of technical know-how and troubleshooting tips. Just like having a drawing tutor on call 24 hours a day this book is packed with information.


Complete Guide to Drawing Animals

2 reviews

by Gottfried Bammes

A complete course on drawing animals, packed with instruction and profusely illustrated. This fantastic book is all you need if you want to


The Encyclopedia of Pastel Techniques

A new, up-to-date edition of the popular and comprehensive encyclopedia to pastels by professional artist Judy Martin.


Painting Pastel Landscapes by Jeremy Ford

This gorgeous book is packed full of chalk pastel techniques, five inspiring step-by-step projects and galleries of Jeremy Fords stunning work.


How to Paint Drawing Techniques

by Quentin de la Bedoyere
This book is for those who have always wished they could draw, or have tried a little drawing and find they need some basic help.


Essential Drawing Skills

3 reviews

By William McLean Kerr
The book is aimed at those who wish to draw accurately, whether to make realistic finished drawings or to create a solid foundation for painting.


Painting with Pastels

1 review

by Jenny Keal


How to Draw - Animals

by Eva Dutton & Polly Pinder


Complete Guide to Life Drawing

2 reviews

by Gottfried Bammes


Drawing and Painting Wild Animals

1 review

by Vic Bearcroft


Painting with Pastels by Peter Coombs

1 review

by Peter Coombs