Drawing and Sketching Accessories

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Drawing and sketching accessories essential for any artist. Including Electric Erasers, Fixative and Sharpeners.

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Caran d'Ache Waterbrush

2 reviews

Available in three watercolour brushes with water reservoir - large (black), medium (blue), fibre-tipped (red)

from £5.10

Caran d'Ache Non-Photo Blue Pencils (2)

1 review

A pack of two dry and soft sketching pencils which will not be reporduced when scanned or photocopied.



Pentel Aqua Brush

46 reviews

The Aqua Brush is a refillable multipurpose brush that can be filled with water to blend colours, ink, and water soluble paints.

from £4.15

Scale Dividers

9 reviews

A great tool to help with scale and proportion. 


Derwent Waterbrush

43 reviews

This Water Brush is an artist's dream.

from £3.40

Derwent Grate 'n' Shake

4 reviews

It's simple! You just grate and then you shake!


Derwent Scale Dividers

46 reviews

A great tool to help with scale and proportion. 


Derwent Scraper

2 reviews

Scrape away to your heart's content! 


Derwent Spritzer (Spray Bottle)

29 reviews

Add a new creative dimension to your drawing. 


Derwent Shave 'n' Save

2 reviews

Just shave and then save! 


Winsor & Newton Professional Fixative

3 reviews

A non-yellowing solution, which protects pictures and dries to a low sheen.

from £6.38


6 reviews

Complete with metal table clamp, spare leads and full instructions.

from £0.75

IsoSketch 3D Drawing and Drafting Tool

The IsoSketch® is a revolutionary drawing tool and is the only 3D drawing device that will fit snuggly into your pocket or pencil case. 


Schmincke Universal Fixative Aerosol

Schmincke Universal Fixative is an Aerosol spray that can be used as an intermediate or final fixative for charcoal, pencil, pastels, watercolour and gouache.


Winsor & Newton Willow Charcoal

12 reviews

Prepared for artists' use, the wood being charred to produce an even line of constant intensity.


Colour Shaper

13 reviews

Soft tip size No 2 in taper or angle point. Ideal for application of masking fluid.

from £4.99

Pencil Extender

8 reviews

Extend the life of your pencils with this simple to use pencil holder.


Loxley Aerosol Fixative

13 reviews

A colourless, non-yellowing, medium for use on charcoal, pencil, pastel, crayon and chalk drawings.

from £6.95