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Dip Pens

    Dip pens do not store any ink in them, but need to be dipped into ink every few words or lines of drawing. Artists can easily change the colour of ink they are using by simply wiping the nib and dipping the pen in a new colour. Dip pens also allow you to use certain inks which would clog up fountain pens, such as inks with metallic pigments. We stock a range of inks suitable for use with these dip pens including, acrylic ink, drawing ink and calligraphy ink.

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    Joseph Gillott Artist Selection Dip Pen Box Set

    9 reviews

    Ideal for sketching, drawing & copperplate.


    William Mitchell Calligraphy Selection Box Set

    Contains a wide variety of nibs.


    Ruling Pen

    10 reviews

    For drawing of lines and borders in ink, watercolours and gouache, and great for applying masking fluid.


    Joseph Gillott Mapping Pen Set

    4 reviews

    For ink sketching, mapping, cartooning and extra fine writing & drawing.


    Joseph Gillott Drawing Pen Set

    17 reviews

    For ink sketching, cartooning and drawing. Pen holder plus 8 assorted drawing nibs.


    Winsor & Newton Complete Calligraphy Set

    2 reviews

    Great set to get started in calligraphy.


    Joseph Gillott Manga Pen Set

    1 review

    Perfect for sketching, drawing and cartooning


    William Mitchell Round Hand Dip Pen Box Set

    2 reviews

    One of the classic tools for calligraphy.