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Conte Sketching & Drawing Pencils

    The story of "Conté à Paris" products is closely linked to the personality of its creator, Nicolas Jacques Conté born in 1755. During the fifty years that he lived he was in fact, a painter, chemist, physicist, inventor and balloonist . The historical contribution of Nicolas Jacques Conté is indisputable.

    He developed in 1794, modern graphite leads, which consists of a mixture of clay and graphite and finally enabled the varying scale of hardness. Thus the manufacture of pencils he created in 1795 allowed France to produce its own writing and drawing products. A few years later, he developed the "pencils without envelope" (naked leads) replacing those made of "stone of Italy". It worked to make its colours "fixed and unchanging" to meet the expectations of painters and art pencils and pastels for artists were born.

    Over the decades, the quality of these products and line extensions have allowed the brand to become a reference for artists worldwide. Used by the great masters but also by amateur artists or students in Fine Arts, pencils and pastels by Conté à Paris offer the widest variety of techniques and possible effects for drawing, sketching and pastels.

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    Conte Carres Sketching Studio Box

    1 review

    A great set for discovering or rediscovering the sketching technique.


    Conte Drawing Set

    12 Assorted graphite pencils.


    Conte Coloured Sketching Pencil

    9 reviews

    Available in: Sepia, White & Sanguine.

    from £1.27

    Conte Carbon Graphic Pencil

    4 reviews

    For finer, more defined lines ideal for sketching and technical drawings. Available in 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 3B

    from £1.36

    Conte Pierre Noire Pencil

    15 reviews

    Filtered paste pigment guarantees deep, solid and indelible matt blacks every time.

    from £1.27

    Conte Sketch Set

    5 reviews

    A selection of sketching pencils


    Conte Graphite Sketching Pencil

    6 reviews

    High quality graphite pencils, suitable for any type of sketching.

    from £1.36