Conte a Paris

Conté a Paris was founded by Nicolas Jacques Conté, who, despite only living for 50 years, managed to claim the title of chemist, physicist, inventor and painter! In 1794 he developed what we know as the modern graphite led, from a mixture of clay and pure graphite and so making it possible to have different grades of pencil. He worked on processes to make the colours of the pencils fixed and unchangeable - an attribute of great value to artists. Over the decades, Conté a Paris pencils have been widely used by both masters and amateur artists alike.

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Conte Carres Sketching Studio Box

2 reviews

A great set for discovering or rediscovering the sketching technique.


Conte Soft pastel Sets

Available in assorted sets of  10, 20 and 50 pastels

from £14.88

Conte Carres Sets

6 reviews

These crayons are very soft to use and are manufactured using natural pigments.

from £14.08

Conte Carres Gift Box of 18

8 reviews

18 colours in a presentation gift box.


Conte Drawing Set

12 Assorted graphite pencils.


Conte Pastel Pencil Sets

4 reviews

Conté Pastel Pencil leads offers a true freedom and unmatched feel.

from £15.76

Conte Coloured Sketching Pencil

13 reviews

Available in: Sepia, White & Sanguine.

from £1.40

Conte Carbon Graphic Pencil

5 reviews

For finer, more defined lines ideal for sketching and technical drawings. Available in 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 3B

from £1.40

Conte Pierre Noire Pencil

22 reviews

Filtered paste pigment guarantees deep, solid and indelible matt blacks every time.

from £1.40

Conte Sketch Set

8 reviews

A selection of sketching pencils


Conte Graphite Sketching Pencil

8 reviews

High quality graphite pencils, suitable for any type of sketching.

from £1.40
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