Bruynzeel Coloured Pencils

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For everyone who paints, draws or writes, Bruynzeel offers a world of possibilities!

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Bruynzeel Short Thick Coloured Pencils Set of 20

These Bruynzeel coloured pencils are extra thick and short and come with a free sharpener. They are specially designed for small children's hands.


Bruynzeel Soft Colouring Pencils Set of 6

This pack of 6 Bruynzeel Soft, thick coloured pencils are specially designed for small children's hands and are soft to ensure smooth application.


Bruynzeel Aquarelle Pencils Set of 10

This pack of 10 Aquarelle Pencils is made to Bruynzeels high standards and contains a selection of vibrant colours. These pencils can be used wet or dry.


Bruynzeel Dutch Masters 24 Coloured Pencils

This set includes 24 Bruynzeel Colored Pencils.


Bruynzeel Dutch Masters 50 Coloured Pencils

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This set includes 50 Bruynzeel Colored Pencils


Bruynzeel Coloured Pencils Set of 24

This set of 24 coloured pencils feature a selection of vibrant colours that are made to Bruynzeel's tried and trusted standards. Packed in a storage tin.