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Brusho Crystal Colours

    Brusho® is a brilliantly intense paint powder that comes in little pots of magic! It's water-based and completely non-toxic.

    Brusho® allows you to create visually stunning, expressive artwork with the minimum of fuss.

    It's fun to use, beginner-friendly and ideal if you want to learn how to create very contemporary, very striking images to hang on your wall or even sell!

    Because it's so loose and expressive, it's much easier and faster to learn than traditional watercolour painting. You have no choice but to let the paint do the work. And whereas Watercolour painting can be stressful at times (lots of opportunity for the painting to go wrong), with Joanne's technique of using Brusho® there aren't really any errors to be made!

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    Brusho Crystal Colours 15ml Pots

    42 reviews

    Now available in a range of 32 colours

    from £1.67

    Brusho Wax Resist Sticks

    4 reviews

    Pack of 5 transparent wax resist sticks. Ideal for creating striking effects when used with Brusho colours and other water based mediums.


    Brusho Secrets DVD

    7 reviews

    Instructional DVD that shows you how to paint stunning, impressionistic watercolours with Brusho® paint powder.


    Brusho SprinkleIT 10g Pots

    1 review

    SprinkleIT is an exciting new product that works seamlessly with Brusho Crystal Colours! The range consists of three metallic and three iridescent colours.

    from £2.45

    Brusho SprinkleIT Set of 6 Pots

    1 review

    Set of 6 Brusho SprinkleIT 10g pots in Metallic Gold, Metallic Pearl, Metallic Copper, Iridescent Gold, Irirdescent Violet and Iridescent Flash. 


    Brusho Thickener 100gsm

    2 reviews

    Brusho colours can be thickened with Brusho thickener. It can then be applied in glazes of colour, used as a printing medium and added to other acrylic mediums.


    Derwent Spritzer (Spray Bottle)

    29 reviews

    Add a new creative dimension to your drawing. 


    Brusho Sets

    54 reviews

    Two sets of Brusho colours.

    from £17.95

    Colour Spray Bottle

    31 reviews

    Produces a fabulous spatter texture creating depth and interest. 30ml size.


    Transfer Paper (Tracedown)

    60 reviews

    Specially designed to transfer designs without leaving a wax residue.

    from £6.95