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It is very important that artists take care of their tools. It is particularly important when it comes to brushes, as a properly cared for brush can last a lifetime, providing it is of good quality. There are some general brush-care tips that you should follow:

  1. Always clean your brush at the end of a painting session.
  2. Do not leave brushes soaking in water.
  3. Never leave them resting on their heads or tufts.
  4. Shape the head after cleaning and do not point them in your mouth!

We stock a selection of products to help you keep your brushes in perfect condition - washers, water pots, brush rolls etc.

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Jakar Brush Tub with Palette Lid

3 reviews

This rectangular brush tub offers a fantastic storage and cleaning solution for your brushes. Made from a durable plastic, the tub features 16 holes to hold your brushes.


Escoda Brush and Hand Soap

2 reviews

A gentle soap for cleaning and preserving the performance of fine artists brushes. Hand-crafted in Spain according to centuries old techniques.


Brush Roll

46 reviews

Made from hard wearing canvas.

from £5.99

Faber Castel Clic & Go Water Cup

40 reviews

Perfect for adventurous artists, this water pot expands on site then collapses for transport.


Brush Easel Case

24 reviews

Black nylon reinforced outer casing, 21 brush pockets. Secure velcro closure, Security flap. Size 7" x 15.5"


Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner

4 reviews

Water-miscible solvent removes dried oil, alkyd & acrylic colour from brushes.

from £2.94

Bob Ross Brush Beater Rack

5 reviews

Bobs vinyl coated Brush-Beater Rack.


Bob Ross Cleaning Bucket & Screen

14 reviews

A handy addition to the cleaning system is this ample size bucket with convenient handle and tight lid to prevent spilling between painting sessions.


Artists' Brush Tub

18 reviews

Strong lightweight plastic pot, with lid, for storage and washing brushes of different sizes.


Rinse Well

6 reviews

A large well, fed from a bottle of clean water, which at a push of a button, flushes away the dirty water and refills with clean.


Lantern Water Pot

66 reviews

Collapsible plastic lantern-style brush washer Available in 2 sizes.

from £1.99

Metal Dippers

4 reviews

They are designed to clip onto the edge of a palette to hold solvents and oils during painting. Available in single or twin designs.

from £1.80

Aluminium Brush Washer

8 reviews

Brushes can be held in the wire springs and left to soak in cleaning agents without bending the bristles.


Metal Dippers With Lid

19 reviews

They are designed to clip onto the edge of a palette to hold solvents and oils during painting.

from £3.19

Brush Cleaner & Preserver

27 reviews

Makes cleaning even the finest sable easy. It works on Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Varnishes, Glazes and most synthetic finishes.


Pro Arte Brush Holder Case

34 reviews

Quality brush holder in 2 sizes. Made out of quality nylon with zip fasteners. Holds about 17 brushes.

from £9.30

The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver

24 reviews

Even old, hardened oil paint brushes can be restored to their original condition.


Trio Water Pot

46 reviews

A compact waterpot which has 3 washing pots in one.


Zest-it Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner

46 reviews

The green alternative to white spirit and turps, Zest-It is a natural solvent made from pure ingredients.

from £5.50

Zest-it Acrylic Brush Cleaner and Reviver

4 reviews

Clean Acrylic residue from your brushes and/or revive brushes stiff with dried Acrylic and bring them back to life.

from £5.91