Bob Ross Accessories

    There are a number of accessories available to help you achieve the Bob Ross effect.

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    Bob Ross Odourless Thinner

    41 reviews

    Highly effective top quality thinner, cleans oils paint from brushes quickly and thoroughly.

    from £4.25

    Bob Ross Oil Paint Medium Floral

    1 review

    For thinning and mixing slow-drying oil colours.


    Bob Ross Canvas

    1 review

    Triple-primed and pre-stretched. Made to Bob's exact requirements for his wet-on-wet technique.

    from £7.25

    Bob Ross Brush Beater Rack

    7 reviews

    Bobs vinyl coated Brush-Beater Rack.


    Bob Ross Palette

    16 reviews

    Clear acrylic palette designed by Bob Ross.


    Bob Ross 2-in-1 Studio Easel

    8 reviews

    Designed to Bob's personal specification, this is the easel which you see him using on TV.