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Acrylic Surfaces

Acrylic paint can be used on most surfaces as long as it is primed, or has the appropriate additive mixed in with it. The most common surfaces for acrylic paint however is canvas. 

Stretched canvas is stretched over wooden bars and comes in standard depth and deeper 3d canvas which are popular because you can paint the edges and they don't need a frame. 

Canvas boards are canvas laminated onto a board and are much more economical than stretched canvas if you are just starting out. They are also a lot less bulky if space is an issue for you.

Canvas pads are loose sheets of real canvas bound together in a pad.

Acrylic paper is textured paper with a special coating designed to be used with acrylic paints. It comes in loose sheets or pads and is great for practicing.


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Winsor & Newton Oil & Acrylic Paper Pads

1 review

Winsor & Newton Oil & Acrylic Painting Paper Pads contain 10 sheets of fine grain, canvas texture paper that don't require any prime or prep before use.

from £8.76

Winsor & Newton Acrylic Paper Pads

8 reviews

Winsor & Newton Acrylic Paper Pads contain 15 sheets of 300gsm canvas-textured paper suitable for acrylic painting. No priming or preparation required.

from £6.39

Winsor & Newton Mixed Media Paper Pads

1 review

Winsor & Newton Mixed Media Paper Pads contain 30 spiral-bound, 250gsm sheets of paper suitable for mixed media and multi-layered artwork.

from £8.59

Hahnemuhle Bamboo Mixed Media Sketchbook

6 reviews

This spiral bound sketchbook contains 15 sheets of 265gsm 15 x 25cm paper, suitable for a whole variety of artistic applications.


Fabriano Tela Oil & Acrylic Paper

1 review

Fabriano Tela Oil & Acrylic Paper is an acid free, archival paper with a canvas-like texture that is suitable for both oil and acrylic painting.


System 3 Acrylic Pads

5 reviews

System 3 Acrylic Pads, from Daler Rowney are available in A4 and A3 size and each pad contains 20 sheets. 

from £11.58

Winsor & Newton Canvas Boards

94 reviews

Increased Range of W&N canvas boards.

from £2.69

Canson XL Mixed Media Pads

20 reviews

Attractive textured paper, suitable for acrylic, gouache, drawing, watercolour....

from £7.93

Loxley Canvas Boards

248 reviews

These superior canvas boards feature canvas laminated onto high quality boards of excellent stability.

from £1.25

Loxley Gold 3D Stretched Canvas

38 reviews

Deep Edge canvas, 3.5cm (1.3") depth so you can paint the sides of the canvas, making framing unnecessary.

from £7.01

Loxley Gold Standard Stretched Canvas

50 reviews

This canvas is a fine quality, triple acrylic primed 380gsm cotton canvas. Suitable for use with oils and acrylics.

from £6.45

Loxley Canvas Pads

25 reviews

Available in 2 sizes with 10 sheets of canvas per pad. 

from £9.53
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