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Acrylic DVDs

    A wide range of professionally made painting films that will instruct, inspire and fascinate. Watch top international artists explore the acrylic medium in stunning locations.

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    Revealing the Secrets of Acrylics - Soraya French

    Soraya's vibrant and exciting style has made her one of the most in-demand teachers of acrylics in the UK.


    Crawshaw Paints Acrylics DVD

    This DVD provides a step-by-step guide to the techniques and materials needed for painting in acrylic and the eight chapters combine to make a complete course.


    Capturing Light in Acrylics DVD

    3 reviews

    John Hammond paints wonderfully vibrant paintings using acrylic paints and in this film he shows us his technique.


    Pushing The Boundaries Of Watercolour

    2 reviews

    Learn how to incorporate acrylics and inks into your paintings to push the boundaries of traditional watercolour.


    Acrylic Landscapes With The Wow Factor

    1 review

    With Lynda Appleby