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A-Frame Easels

    A-Frame easels (sometimes called Lyre easels) are triangular in shape with two legs at the front and a third supporting leg at the back. As the name suggests, when viewed straight on, they look look like a letter A. The back leg on an A-frame easel can be folded in allowing the easel to be stored flat, or leaned against a wall to take up less space while being stored. A-frame easels are best for people who want to work on a small to medium scale, but have limeted space in which to work and store the easel.

    A-frame easels are also great for displaying finished paintings, signs etc and are often seen in shops or at events being used as display easels.


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    Loxley Hampshire Studio Easel

    2 reviews

    Handcrafted from seasoned beechwood and designed for oil and acrylic painting.


    Mabef M11 Easel - Inclinable

    1 review

    Solid beechwood easel with sliding canvas supports.


    Mabef M12 Easel - Big

    Solid beechwood easel with anti-vibration inner spring.


    Mabef M13 Easel - Basic

    Solid beechwood easel with sliding canvas supports.