Series 99 Connoisseur Flat One Stroke Brush

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Made from a blend of sable and prolene, these flat brushes give firm, sharp lines for lettering and one stroke work. They possess great spring and colour carrying capacity. Seamless nickel ferrules. Black polished handle with white tip.

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  • Brushes

    These are remarkable brushes. The mixture allows the brush to be used for producing texturing, say leaves on trees or grasses when used on the flat of the brush. The brush with water soaked in will allow the hairs of the brush to bend and those produce textures on ground work. Alan Hearsum (Hope Valley, United Kingdom) on 7 Oct 2012
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  • Excellent and good value

    Very pleased with these brushes, good quality and very reasonably priced. Can achieve a variety of brush marks, holds a good amount of paint, and retain their shape. RMT Williment (Worthing, United Kingdom) on 30 Apr 2017
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  • Marvellous brushes!

    These are great brushes, my favourites. I've used them for years, for both gouache and work in oils. Although they are primarily intended for watercolour, they sit my technique perfectly. The sable and synthetic mixture means that they last a lot longer than 100% natural hair brushes but with all the advantages of sable. Ishvara D'angelo (TOTNES, United Kingdom) on 28 Aug 2012
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