Introducing our new ranges of oil paints – Michael Harding and Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Colour

We are excited to announce the introduction of a range of new oil paints and mediums to our online store! New to our website are Michael Harding Artists’ Oil Colours and mediums, Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Paints & Mediums, Georgian Water Mixable Oils and mediums and Sennelier ‘Green for Oils’ mediums. These new additions feature paints and sundries that are suitable for artists of all abilities, whether your a seasoned professional or a complete beginner.

Michael Harding and Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Paint Tubes

We have recently added a wealth of new oils products to our online shop, including paints and mediums from Michael Harding, Daler Rowney and Sennelier. These new ranges extend our already extensive range of oil colours and mediums, and feature products for those just starting out in oils or those who already work with the medium. Michael Harding Handmade Oil Paints are the pinnacle of quality in the world of oil painting. Inspired by the works of Rembrandt, these oil colours offer a paint with the same consistency and colour as those used by the Old Masters. Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Colours offer a consistent and affordable set of paints ideal for beginners or those working to a budget. We now also stock an extensive range of Daler Rowney Oil Mediums to adjust the working properties of your oil colour. We have added Georgian Water Mixable Oils and Mediums to our online catalogue; these paints and mediums are ideal for those who wish to experience oil painting without the solvents! Our new Sennelier ‘Green for Oils’ Mediums also offer a safer alternative to traditional solvents and are a brilliant choice for those who are sensitive to chemicals or who share a workspace. You can find out more about these new ranges below!

Michael Harding Artists’ Oil Paints

Michael Harding Paint

Artists Quality

Available in: 87 colours in 40ml tubes, 11 colours in 225ml tubes, 6 Tube Introduction Set and a Hand Painted Colour Chart.

First manufactured in 1982, Michael Harding Artists Oils take inspiration from the vibrancy and surface of Rembrandt’s works. Driven by his experiences as an artist, Harding set out to create a professional quality oil colour with the same consistency and quality as those used by the Old Masters. All of Michael Harding’s handmade oil paints have incredible tint, concentration and saturation power unlike any other oil paint. Every colour in the range is handmade, using the finest pigments and oils and is totally free of fillers, drying agents or extenders. In demand from institutions like the Royal College of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum, Michael Harding Oils are the pinnacle of quality.

To compliment the paint we also stock a range of Michael Harding Artists’ Oil Mediums. Made to the same high quality as his signature oil colours, these mediums made the perfect addition to any professional oil artists studio. His mediums are made using unique formulations based on historic mixtures and ingredients dating back to the 13th Century. These oil mediums use only the finest quality resins, waxes and balsams, and Harding exclusively uses only the finest grade of genuine Portuguese Maritime Turpentine. They are the perfect complement to Michael Harding Artists’ Oil Colours, and can be used to modify and adjust your oil paints to meet your creative vision. 15 mediums, thinners, oils, waxes and varnishes are available.

Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Colours

Daler Rowney Georgian oil paint

Student Quality

Available in: 58 colours in 38ml tubes, 58 colours in 225ml tubes and various sets

Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Colours are traditionally crafted and triple-milled in England. These affordable oil colours offer brilliant colour consistency from wet to dry and give even performance and finish across all colours. Their thick, buttery texture works well under both brush and knife and can be used straight from the tube, allowing the artist to concentrate on spontaneous creativity. Prices are uniform and economical, regardless of colour, so they make an excellent choice for students working to a budget or any artist just beginning in this medium.

We have also added a range of Daler Rowney Oil Mediums that are specially formulated to work seamlessly with your Georgian Oil Colour. By nature, oil colour cannot mix with water and will only dissolve in solvents like turpentine, white spirits or other thinners. With a wide range of mediums and varnishes the Georgian range should have everything needed to provide you with the paint, surface, working properties and finish you require. 12 mediums, oils, thinners, brush cleaners and varnishes available.

Daler Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Oils and Mediums

Daler Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Oils and Mediums

Student Quality

Available in: 40 colours in 37ml tubes, 30 colours in 200ml tubes and three assorted sets.

Daler Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Oil colours offer artists the possibility of experiencing oil painting without the need for solvent-based mediums. An alternative to traditional oils, the balanced range of 40 vibrant colours can be thinned, mixed, and washed using water and as such is ideal for use indoors and in a classroom environment. The texture and feel of these paints is much the same as Daler Rowney’s traditional Georgian Oils; they are rich and thick straight from the tube and are easily workable with either a brush or knife.
There is also a range of mediums to supplement these paints, which allow you to adjust the oil content, consistency and speed up the drying of your oil colour. There are three mediums available in the range – Stand Oil, Fast Drying Medium and Watermixable Linseed Oil.


Sennelier ‘Green For Oils’ Oil Mediums

Sennelier 'Green For Oils' Oil Mediums

Bring a bit of nature to your oil painting practice with Sennelier ‘Green for Oil’ Mediums. Green for Oil mediums are part of the bio-solvent family, specially developed to be a safer and greener alternative to traditional solvents. They work just as effectively as traditional solvents, but without the associated volatility and petroleum-based formula. These biosolvents are manufactured using materials sourced from plant, animal and mineral based raw materials. The manufacturing process takes into consideration the highest sanitary and environmental standards and sustainable components are used wherever possible. There are six mediums including thinner, liquid medium, varnishes, brush cleaner and gel medium.

You can view all of our newest ranges and products on our New Arrivals page.

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