Neocolour II Aquarelle Water Soluble Artists' Crayons

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Strong bright colours, soft and easy to work, dense pigment concentration. Unlimited blending possibilities.

NEOCOLOR II water-soluble wax pastels are a product of Caran d’Ache innovation.They combine the expertise of a specialist in colours with the great “Swiss Made” tradition. They are exceptional, both for their quality and the techniques they make possible. This is the opportunity for all professional and amateur artists to fully express their talent and imagination.

Click here to see which colours are included in each set.

15 Assorted Colours Product Code: 7500315
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30 Assorted Colours Product Code: 7500330
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40 Assorted Colours Product Code: 7500340
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  • Disappointing - Neocolour II 15 Assorted Colours

    Disappointing range of colours. Wish I could have selected the colours which I knew would have been more useful. Mavis O'Rourke (Plymouth, United Kingdom) on 10 Mar 2012

    Ken Bromley's replies: I am sorry you are disappointed with your purchase. We do actually have a link on the page where you can see what colours are included in each set. You should check this first to make sure the set you are buying contains the colours that you want. http://www.artsupplies.co.uk/files/files/Nuancier_Neocolor_II_Eng.pdf

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  • Water soluble crayons - Neocolour II 30 Assorted Colours

    Had used a friends and found them very good, had to buy my own set and am very pleased. Patricia Spires (Newmarket, United Kingdom) on 12 Apr 2012
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