Ken Bromley Art Supplies Cover Competition

We would like to thank every single artist who sent in an entry to this competition. Due to the volume of entries, we are not able to feature all of them in this public vote. If your artwork made it to the shortlist - well done! You now have the chance to make the front cover of the next Ken Bromley Art Supplies catalogue, which means exposure to tens of thousands of fellow artists!


Note: to ensure fair voting, your IP address will be logged when you cast a vote.

Lea Nixon

Jenny Alsop

Ane Grete Aagaard

Barrie Kehoe

Cathy Beggs

Simon Wakefield

Thomasin Fletcher

Marco Barberio

Julie Weir

David Briggs

Dave Golding

Lita Narayan

Lynne Pugh

Emma Graham

Pablo Rubén López Sanz

Alan Trussler

Claudia Slaney

Heather Withers

Jenny Oldknow

Stephen Shaw

Bev Herridge

Pam Gallaway

Irene Hilsdon

Alice Hole

Phillip Layzell

Kim Thompson

Alan Sedgwick

Lesley Lord

Laraine Healey

Jack Stradling

Helen Thorburn

Tiffany Budd

Karie-Ann Cooper

Caroline Ritson

Tracy-Ann Marrison

Clive Meredith

Daniel Novotny

Barbara Murray

Joanna English

Michael John Ashcroft

Graham Cox

David Newton

Bev Lewis

Charmian Hayes

Toby Hunt

Jackie Ward

Judith Farnworth

Ann Marie Bone

Ken Yi

Tim Gustard

Sally Hynard

Dan Wellington

Dawn Read

Anne Toase

Angela Stanbridge

Chris Halliwell

Clare Davis

Teresa Jenellen

Karl Pitwon

Peter Wigley

Sharon Tingey


Selina Fennell

Ruth Jamieson

Marian Broad

Alan Longmore

David Tunstall

Gaye Boltong

Val Goldfinch

Judith Logan

Sandra Busby

Gary Dewar

Stephie Butler

Jenny Hill

Jennifer Horn